Bring the Whole Family!

Gather around the table and place an order at our family-friendly dining restaurant in Kelso, WA

Looking for a new go-to family-friendly dining restaurant in Kelso, WA? Come see what's cooking at Aureya's. If you're in the mood for some authentic South Pacific flavors, you'll want to bring your loved ones to Aureya's for fresh ingredients and endless options.

Customers rave about our seafood, sloppy mugs and lunch specials, but no matter what you choose, you won't be disappointed. Visit us now or place an order for curbside pickup.

Check out our chef's recommendations

If you ask the chef at our family-friendly dining restaurant what to order, he'd suggest the:

  • Shrimp boats
  • Cranberry Caesar salad
  • Pineapple shrimp stir fry over mango sauce
  • Beach fruit cups
  • Sloppy mugs

Whether you want to snack on "funitizers" or dig into a shrimp boat, you won't find these authentic flavors anywhere else. Place an order for curbside pickup in Kelso, WA today.

Enjoy the Freshest Fish Around

Find your next catch at our local seafood restaurant in Kelso, WA

Why wander through the subpar seafood selection in the frozen section of the nearest grocery store when you could dine on the freshest fish and shellfish at a local seafood restaurant in Kelso, WA?

At Aureya's, we're serving up authentic South Pacific cuisine featuring our famous:

Salmon | Lobster | Shrimp | Tuna | Mahi

Whether you're looking for the perfectly-cooked salmon or an elegant lobster dinner for two, we've got your seafood craving covered at our local seafood restaurant.

The secret's in the seasoning

When it comes to authentic South Pacific cuisine, the key is getting the seasoning just right. Our chefs have mastered the delicate flavors of South Pacific food. But we can't tell you what's in our signature spice blend - you'll have to experience it for yourself.

Send your taste buds to the South Pacific. Visit Aureya's today to enjoy authentic South Pacific cuisine in Kelso, WA.

Eating Healthy Doesn't Have to Be Bland

Spice up your lunch routine at our soup and salad restaurant in Kelso, WA

Don't settle for the same old salad you have every day. At Aureya's, you've got plenty of healthy food options to choose from, which makes our restaurant perfect for families and friend groups. Order some vegan chili or customize a fresh salad with the ingredients you crave.

Stop by our soup and salad restaurant in Kelso, WA today to change the way you think about healthy eating.

Are you looking for something delicious and nutritious?

We pride ourselves on our:

  • High-quality ingredients
  • Made-from-scratch soups
  • Vegan and healthy food options

Our food is made with the freshest ingredients and evokes authentic South Pacific flavors. You'll love the crisp veggies and hearty soups cooked to perfection.

Aureya's has something for everyone. Visit our soup and salad restaurant in Kelso, WA to see for yourself.